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graduate '19

an urban repose: meditation and columbarium

the design corresponds to three idiosyncratic rooms provoking various senses through volume, light and material constructs 

graduate '19

a creative play: fabricating with augmented reality

to practice on both learning and utilizing advanced digital tools

and production techniques in preparation for work with the assistance of augmented reality

undergrad '16

project eka (one)

urban revival project

the proposal is to uplift and revitalize the dilapidated historic building by prioritizing and demarcating spaces that encourages interaction among it's users in a micro and a macro level

graduate '20

construction technology

the section consists of building construction sketches of case study buildings involved as part of the initial research

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graduate '20

an adaptive reuse model to reduce carbon emission

the project deals with activation of an existing building with a new fabric of urban programs yet keeping its carbon emission in check

graduate '20

comprehensive construction drawing set

the objective of the course was to analysis and research a case study building and to build a detailed construction drawings of several subject areas

graduate '20

school in dwtn atl

an integrated building system

design for a primary school

the project seeks to understand the impact of climate, location, and environment  on design and it's integration with sustainable systems to achieve energy efficient buildings.

graduate '19

the sine wave

a creative play: designing with augmented reality

the project deals with fabricating a material construct utilizing digital tools and to further develop interoperable interfaces 

that align with the construct using augmented reality

graduate '19

the cinture

a critical study: world trade center transit hub, nyc city

the objective of the study was to inspect an architectural project and dissect in-terms of geometry, form, building systems and their parametric relationship with each other

undergrad '17

the transition

an intermodal transportation hub - thesis design project

the proposed transit hub aims to solve the traffic and space issues
by improving accessibility, style, efficiency and the experience
involved in transportation.

undergrad '16

the capitol

a mixed-use contemporary skyscraper model

the project deals with innovative

and sustainable high-rise design solution which connects central transportation hub and various
other complexes together to form a landmark for the city

undergrad '16

the genesis

a multi-specialty hospital amidst city center

the design revolves around the concept of healing with nature, the hospital ambiance is careful designed to create such an environment ideal for healing instead of a sick care facility.

competition '19

rwanda chapel

participated // group of 3

young architect competition

dedicated to the community of
rukomo, the design aims at donating a church to believers and to the local community

competition '19

pop up bazaar

Top 50 among 512 entries

design of a pop up bazaar in the heart of Istanbul with the aim of replicating a traditional market in a contemporary way

professional '18

the second wave

submarine heritage museum in visakhapatnam (india)

the design intention is to create a superlative community center which houses retired armory and arsenals from Indian navy;

memorializing the space for the war veterans

undergrad '15

product design: a fold-able


the fold-able scale utilizes an hinge between scales making it convenient for transportation and an ideal scale to fit inside any paper/chart holder

*t-square is an instrument used for drawing horizontal lines

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