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two halves : a fold-able t-square

One of the most promising tools for any architecture student would be the T-Squares (or T-Scale). A scale of an approximate length of 80cm with a perpendicular member on one end is used mostly to draw straight lines on sheets. Its application ranges from drafting to graphical drawings. The measurements in scale help in understanding the proportion and scale of any drawing. The scale along with its benefits has a disadvantage of inconvenience in movability. For Architecture or design students traveling in public transport or two-wheelers, it is difficult to travel carrying the t-scale with other physical models and chart holders. Its chances of breakage are too high due to acrylic material.

My Idea for this problem is to add a hinge in between the scale making it more of a foldable kind. The foldable scale not only solves the inconvenience in movability but also fits perfectly inside any chart holder or college bag with ease ad makes it much easier to move around. Ideal materials include wood, acrylic, and PLA plastics.


prototype model


design development

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