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the interlocks : fabricating with ar
georgia institute of technology, atlanta, usa
keith kaseman, 
fall 2019
kiran balakrishna, ameya yawalkar

The project comprises of advanced integrations of digital design and production technologies. The key objective was to practice how to both learn and utilize advanced digital design and production techniques in preparation for work to be executed as a final project. The process involved design, iterative development, fabrication and assembly of a physical spatial construct, utilizing a focussed set of materials, CNC and manual production tools in the digital fabrication lab. Within a prescribed list of performance, dimension, material, automation requirements and inoperability criteria.


This material assembly incorporated augmented reality using grasshopper and fologram into design intents, production workflows. The construct was build out of 1/4” plywood and acrylic sheets. All the prototype details are scripted on grasshopper to enable flexibility. The construct was assembled with the step by step aid from fologram showcasing it’s potential to be utilized for complex physical constructs.

Artboard 2@4x-100.jpg

different parameters involved in module prototyping


rendered fully assembled construct


assembly of physical construct with step by step aid from fologram

Artboard 2@4x-100.jpg

3d view of fully assembled construct with 2d modules

module iteration

acrylic center to let light into the construct

1/4" plywood base with slot fabricated using 3d cnc router

final module design with various parameters


iteration 1: exploding lines

iteration 2: electric charges

iteration 3: metamorphosis


iteration 4: visualizing an architectural space

Augmented reality iteration over physical construct through fologram mobile application

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