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graduate '19

an urban repose: an urban sanctuary + columbarium.

the proposal revolves around three distinctive room(s) that provokes the senses through volume, light, material system and construction technique.

graduate '20

school in dwtn atlanta

an integrated bldg systems design for a school.

the project seek to understand the impact of climate, location, and environment on design & it's integration with sustainable systems to achieve, conserve  and recycle energy.

undergrad '17

the transition

an intermodal transit hub: thesis design project.

the proposed transit hub aims to solve the existing traffic and space issues by improving the efficiency, accessibility, and it's user experience involved in the transportation.

graduate '20

an adaptive reuse model to reduce carbon emission.

the design enables an existing dilapidated establishment with a new fabric of urban program yet keeping its carbon (C) foot print in check.

graduate '19

the sine wave

a creative play: designing with augmented reality.

the creative scheme deals with fabricating a construct utilizing digital tools and to further develop interoperable interface that aligns with the construct in augmented reality.

undergrad '16

the capitol

a mixed-use contemporary skyscraper model.

the design proposal involves in producing a fresh, innovative, & sustainable mixed use high rise solution connecting to the central transportation hub  and city railway station.

graduate '20

a comprehensive detailed drawing set.

the intention of the course was to analysis and research a case study building and to model a detailed construction drawings set of various subject areas.

graduate '20

construction technology II case study sketches.

the section consists of various building construction sketches involving joinery details, edge profile, composite walls of the given case study building.

graduate '19

a creative play: fabricating with augmented reality.

the intention of the course was to learn and utilize advanced digital design and production techniques in preparation of a work with the assistance of augmented reality.

graduate '19

the cinture

a critical study: world trade center transit hub, nyc city.

the objective of the study was to understand an architectural project by dissecting it's form, geometry, building systems and to parametrize their input characteristics.

competition '19

a journey to the summit

(rawada chapel).

the design dedicated to the community of rukomo, aims at donating a church to believers and to the local community.

participation entry in young architects competition

competition '19

a subtle ephemeral bazaar landscape.

the design of a popup bazaar in istanbul (tu) with the aim to replicate the traditional market space in a contemporary way.

secured top 50 in 512 entries by

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