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: Urban Design // Thesis design project
: 20 Acres (80,900 Sqm)
: Hebbal, Bengaluru; IN
: M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, IN
: Ar. Naga Jyotsna (Guide), Ar. Vishwas Hittalmani 
: Architectural design project - Thesis
: June 2017
Project type
Project area Location
Hebbal, Bengaluru, KA

Transportation is one of the main objectives of land. Public transportation has a direct impact on the development of the city. Mass transportation enhances economical and personal opportunities and drives community growth and reduces congestion. The utilization of mass transport reduces fuel consumption and carbon footprint. it enables a platform for social interaction among the passengers. On average 5,000,000 people use mass transport (Intra-city and Inter-city related) services per day in Bengaluru.


The proposed transit hub aims to solve the traffic and space issues, improving accessibility, efficiency, and the experience involved in transportation. The inter-state terminal block (incl KSRTC and HSRL) and intra-city terminal block (incl BMTC and Metro) act as anchor transportation structures along National Highway and Outer ring road respectively. A series of activities (like the mall, gym, gaming arcade, community center, etc.,) are sandwiched between these two blocks and are connected employing an internal tram network for ease of access. The closer proximity to the lake provides a blissful view along with the complex at the road level.

Once the passengers reach the terminal block, within the available time frame between exchanges of mode of transport the passenger’s experiences best in class ambiance due to the addition of park within the complex. The park is the indicative element depicting the green city tag of Bangalore for tourists/outsiders. It also acts as a noise barrier from the highways. Further, this park acts as a resting zone not just for the commuter but also for the neighborhood users. The addition of street performances and open shops along the intertwined pathway makes the park more lively and happening throughout the day. 

Each of the pathways corresponds to a particular activity like street performances, wall art, street market, dance, music, art, etc., and are indicated by their respective patterns in the footpath. A series of mounds are also incorporated, over which the users can sit and watch the street performances. A single tensile structure is introduced to attain design cohesion with all blocks. It shades common spaces and pedestrian zones and enhances ventilation. It also makes the structure more iconic due to its magnificent height and avoids unpleasant views (bridges and lanes) at higher levels.

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