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: High-rise design
: 5 Acres (20,000 Sqm)
: Majestic, Bengaluru; IN
: M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, IN
: Ar. Vishwas Hittalmani, Ar. Anantram, Ar. Bindhu Madhav Program  
: Architectural design studio 7
: January 2017
Project type
Project area Location
Majestic, Bengaluru, KA

The project deals with innovation and sustainable high-rise design solutions in city centers. The project aims to act as a binding element connecting city transit hub and various other complexes to form a landmark for the city. The skyscraper accommodates for retail, commercial, and office purposes.

Once a water body, known as Dharmambudhi tank, is where the present-day Majestic bus terminus stands. As important as the place is today (connecting Bengaluru with other nerve centers of Karnataka), in yesteryear too the Dharmambudhi tank served as the lifeline of Bangalore. The site possesses prominence both in history and position. The name Majestic was obtained from a popular cinema theater of the same name located nearby. It is bordered by Seshadri Road to the north, Danavanthri Road to the east, Tank Bund Road to the south, and Gubbi Thotadappa Road to the west. The site is faced with the Kempegowda bus (Intra-city bus) terminal, central railway station, numerous shops, and commercial/residential units. The site is in closer proximity to the central metro station which in turn connects to the city railway station and KSRTC (Inter-state bus) terminal. At the center of an exceptional concentration of public services and facilities on the metropolitan scale, the zone is of tumult existence.

The inception of the skyscraper is from a typical high rise design with a podium and the tower. The idea was evolved around it, in tapering the spaces over the podium and in turn connecting it with the higher floors. The resultant was a unified skyscraper design with flowing curves and fluid facade. The skyscraper consists of a central core with shear walls housing lift shafts, stairs, toilets, AHU, staff, and other service-related spaces. The facade is provided with diagrids which connect the central core through flats slabs on each floor, by which the skyscraper acts as one rigid vertical structure. The site area amounts to 5 Acres with a FAR (Floor area ratio) of 4. The skyscraper consists of 43 floors with a total build-up area approximating to around 19 Acres (88,700 Sq M) of which 30% corresponds to the service core. With a ground coverage of 32%, an adequate amount of open spaces are provided around the complex.

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