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: Hospitality design
: 9 Acres (37,500 Sqm)
: Nagwara, Bengaluru; IN
: M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, IN
: Ar. Ulhas Rane, Ar. Arundathi, Ar Vishwas Hittalmani
: Architectural design studio - 4
: January 2016
Project type
Project area Location
Nagwara, Bengaluru, KA

The proposed project deals with the design of a 100-bed multi-specialty hospital amidst one of the far-reaching real estate locality. General consultation, Orthology, Urology, Dermatology, Gynaecology, Diabetology, Cardiology, ENT, and Pediatrics are some of the specialties the hospital renders service in. The design revolves around the concept of “healing with nature”, so the hospital ambiance is carefully designed to create an environment ideal for healing instead of merely a sick care facility. 

The hospital facility is divided into three distinct blocks connected in the same structure, they are Accident and Emergency, In-patient, and outpatient blocks. A linear axis of circulation is created which penetrates through and connects all specialties, laboratories, wards, consultations, and finally terminates with an emergency exit. A central courtyard is created around the consultation units, with slits on the wall all around helps the patient to be connected with the healing ambiance even from the waiting area of their respective specialties. The secondary court spaces between the wings open out views on both sides and welcome natural lighting into the rooms. These smaller court spaces act as a buffer zone and help to break the rigid mass of the building. 

The ground floor accommodates the accident and emergency block comprising casualty and emergency rooms, minor operation theaters, consultation rooms, and pharmacy. The admin and account department is also located on the same floor along with yoga, gym, and prayer halls. The basement under accident and emergency is placed with mortuary and autopsy rooms with various other service-related amenities. Major operation theaters, recovery rooms, ICUs / NICU’s are placed on the first floor right above the accident and emergency block for faster connectivity. Radiology and Laboratories are carefully placed on the same floor so that it caters for both in-patient and out-patient without any chaos. The second and third floor consists of general wards, shared/single wards, and executive suite rooms. The doctor’s lounge and conference rooms are located on the fifth floor. Nurse stations are provided on each floor at an ideal location which makes accessing them easier for both patients and visitors. The rear wing of hospital houses service rooms like AHU units, kitchen, pantry, laundry, assistant, and secondary staff rooms. 

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